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IT Learning Center lends different equipment

  • Video Cameras

    IT Learning Center has multiple cameras at its disposal. Among these are two Canon Legria and two GoPro Hero 3+ action cameras. The cameras can usually be borrowed by educators at SCIENCE for up to a week, if one wishes to produce a video for educational purposes. Furthermore, it is possible to edit videos in our Media Workshop. Cameras can be borrowed with a microphone and a stand.
    In special cases, ITLC can produce videos for educators.

  • Microphones ect.

    For recording audio during lectures at SCIENCE, an Edirol HD recorder can be borrowed. It is also possible to borrow a decent wireless Sennheiser michrophone, preferably in connection with video shooting. Additionally, ITLC has has two wireless Shure Microphones and a small mixing console. You are also able to record and edit sound in our Media Workshop.

  • Digital camera/Time lapse recording

    At IT Learning Center it is possible to borrow a Canon 6D digital camera. In addition, you are able to borrow an intervalometer for time lapse recordings. The GoPro video camera also allows for less advanced time lapse recordings.

  • Exhibition Equipment

    IT Learning Center offers a 26’’ Samsung LCD screen, which can be mounted on an aluminium stand. With this, a tall café table can be borrowed. The equipment can be packed and transported in practical bags.

  • Equipment for desktop video conferencing

    In connection with special video conferences, such as an online lecture or
    exam with Adobe Connect, IT Learning Center can help with acquisition and setup of equipment. We also have a Logitech BCC950 ConferenceCam at our disposal, which can be supplemented by one or two ClearOne CHATAttach 160 or wireless microphones and a mixer.

The services listed above are free for employees at SCIENCE. If you wish to reserve equipment, contact IT Learning Center.