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There are many advantages to using learning technologies in your
courses. For instance, learning technologies give you the ability to support
and follow the learning process of your students. They also allow you to make courses
more entertaining and varied for both the students and yourself as a teacher.

For example, if would like to improve your students’ ways of preparing
themselves for lectures at home, you could record a voice-over for a
PowerPoint-presentation or create a short video and publish it online.

You could also involve your students in your classes by utilizing a poll system, where multiple students could answer quiz-questions on their phones simultaneously.

ITLC has a media workshop, where you can use computers with pre-installed software for recording and editing sound and video. We also have a large variety of lendable equipment that can be used for the development of course material. The equipment includes video cameras and microphones etc.

We advise and supervise in:

  • Structuring online courses
  • Structuring a course that combines in-class and online teaching
  • The use of digital poll systems (Shakespeak, Socrative)
  • The use of the functions in Absalon
  • Narration of PowerPoints that can be uploaded to Absalon (by using Adobe Presenter or iSpring Pro)
  • The use of the desktop video conference application Adobe Connect
  • Recording and editing sound

See examples of education projects that IT Learning Center has contributed to the development of.

You are always welcome to contact us for advice on how to use learning technologies in your courses. Write us an e-mail at or call us on the phone for a meeting.