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Upcoming UCPH conference and Absalon workshops

Semester start

This semester start marks the beginning of the new Absalon. Online resources are available on with information about everything from how to create a module in Absalon to how to communicate with the students.

Students are introduced to the new Absalon in this video feel free to share it.

Inspiration on how to build a course in Absalon

There are different ways of building a course and structure the course content in Absalon. You can add files, assignments, content pages etc. to your course. To organise the different types of content we recommend that you use modules. Modules are similar to folders in the old Absalon however less hierarchical and only consist of links to course content. Read more.

What students do between large lectures

Would you like to activate your students between lectures? Morten Nyboe Tabor has done this (see more in this article.) He has also changed his course evaluation methods towards online course evaluation in mutual respect and appreciation with students which he will present in a workshop at the Make a difference conference, so don’t forget to sign up to learn more. 


Remember to sign up for...

Absalon workshops

Get to know the new Absalon. Join a free workshop for teachers at SCIENCE.
Join a workshop and learn about key features in the new Absalon.

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