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This is the first newsletter about Online and Blended Learning - thanks for signing up! We hope you'll find the tips, videos and links useful.

We'd like to inspire more teachers to use Online and Blended Learning tools and methods, so please forward this to a colleague that might be interested - they can sign up here.

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Inspiration for online and blended learning

When teaching large classes with 80, 100 or even 200 students - it can be hard to activate everyone. Even if the teacher has a lot of interactions with students at first row, the rest of the students are not necessarily involved in the dialogue (as the picture shows). See Maria Andersen explain the problem and the research on better learning in large lecture rooms:

This you didn't know about Absalon

Did you know you can link between your different resources in your course room in Absalon? Use the "Insert" button in the editor and choose "Tree link" - that gives you a list of existing resources, pick the one you want to link to. Or see how it's done in this video.

Try a new tool: Online questions from students in class

Normally only a few students ask questions in class. And often it is the same students every time. By using Twitter or TodaysMeet, you can let the more quiet students post questions about your lecture on your backchannel of choice and then use these questions for class discussions: Learn more.

Workshops & guidance

We also organize workshops on-demand. Find minimum 4 colleagues, contact the IT Learning Center and we'd be happy to organize a workshop together with you. Check out the complete list of workshops here

Do you need any guidance on Online and Blended Learning tools and/or methods please feel free to contact us at

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