Adobe Connect – University of Copenhagen

A Tool for online meetings and collaboration

With the service Adobe Connect employees and students at SCIENCE can, free of charge, hold meetings online.

By the means of a webcam, headset and a microphone, you are able to communicate by video and speech while you share different documents from Word, PowerPoint etc. This allows you to hold content rich meetings online.

This service is made available in corporation with DeIC (Research Network).

The service is registered to WAYF

To be the moderator of a meeting all you need to do is open the page: and choose "Københavns Universitet".
WAYF makes sure you are able to logon using your KU-username and password.

As the moderator, you are able to freely invite others to your meeting.

Minimum requirements

  1. Webcam
  2. Headset
  3. A computer with a broadband connection*
  4. A browser (fx. Internet Explorer) with the latest version of Adobe Flash plug-in


IT Learning Center guide (Step by step)
The Research Networks guide 
Adobe Connect support Center