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SMS and online based clicker: Shakespeak

Shakespeak SMS and online based clickers enable you to activate and engage your students during lectures through questioning.
You need a Shakespeak account and the Shakespeak software to start using Shakespeak.

How to get a Shakespeak account

Write an e-mail to IT Learning Center with the following information:

  1. Full name
  2. Department
  3. The course(s) that you plan to use Shakespeak for.

All employees at KU have free access to Shakespeak.

Downloading the Shakespeak software

Go to Shakespeak and press “Try it now” to download and install Shakespeak:

Always make sure that Shakespeak is installed on the PC in the auditorium and to test your questions before you begin lecturing.

After the installation has been completed, the Shakespeak tab appears in PowerPoint:

The Shakespeak manual (Shakespeak = Sendsteps)

About clickers and how they work

The clicker technology allows you to interact with your students during lectures by posing question in your PowerPoint presentation and immediately view the responses of your entire class. It is a three step process:

  1. The lecturer presents a multiple-choice question
  2. Students answer the question individually or after discussing it in groups
  3. The results are shown anonymously to the class in a data chart

About designing and forming clicker questions

IT Learning Center recommends the following resources if you want to know more about designing clear and relevant clicker questions:

  • Excellent resource guide on e.g. writing effective clicker questions, recommendations and logistics.

  • Table showing 11 different clicker question types with explanations and examples.

  • A thorough description of concepts, questions and activities at Vanderbilt Center for Teaching.

  • About clicker questions that promote deep learning at POD Network.
  • A video on how to use clickers effectively and a lecture by Eric Mazur.

Video from University of Colorado giving good advice from lecturers
and students on strategies for using clickers.

Confessions of a Converted Lecturer.
Eric Mazur invented the concept of Peer Instruction.
Watch this edited version of his talk.