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Help with Absalon

On the Teacher Portal on KUnet and the OBL site, you will find guides for Absalon, including on how to move uploaded material.

  • Where can I find Absalon?

    You log in to Absalon through KUnet. You will find a link to Absalon in the right-hand menu under "My access".

  • I cannot log in to KUnet / Absalon – What do I do?

    Follow this link for assistance.
  • How do I access Absalon when KUnet is down?

    If KUnet is down, you can access Absalon through Here you can log in to Absalon directly by using your KU credentials. 
  • How do guest teachers get access to Absalon?

    To access Absalon as a guest teacher, an account must be created in Scanpas (the employee database) as an external employee. This is necessary for evaluation of the teacher. The department which the guest teacher is associated with will create the guest teacher account in Scanpas. It can take up to one week from the creation of an account in Scanpas until the actual access to Absalon is granted.

Guides and tutorials for Absalon

Take a course on how to use Absalon

IT Learning Center offers several courses on how to use Absalon. Read more here.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact IT Learning Center.